Shattered Glass Nail Art


Let’s get started!

1. Put on the base coat on your nails.
2. Next, put on the liquid latex on the skin around your finger nail.
3. Dip the sponge in multiple colours of nail polish.
4. Once the liquid latex and base coat are totally dry, give the nail a multicoloured effect by dabbing them with the sponge and allow it to dry.
5. You then take the dried latex layer off your skin revealing extremely neat work.

Shattered Glass Nail Art

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6. Tear up the shimmery tissue paper into tiny pieces.
7. Put on a top coat and apply the tiny bits on the nail before the top coat fully dries.
8. Put on one more top coat layer.
You are now set to showoff this amazingly beautiful unique nail art that has a dramatic effect and is really easy to create!