4 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women



When it comes to short curly hair things can be difficult. Often your hair gets even more curly than it was before. If you are dealing with straight hair that you are trying to make curly, you might have less hair than you think to work with. There are options and you can still have fun with your hair when it is short. It can be a challenge, but there is always a way to mix up your look and add some choices when it comes to what you do on a daily basis.

1. The Mop

This is probably one of the most common. This is a wild, curly look that can still look finished and fun. Think of Meg Ryan when she first cut off her hair in the 80s. This gives you a care free look with a mess of curls all around your head. It is not meant to be stiffly in place and should always feel whimsical. You will find it is an easy style to maintain as well.





2. High and Tight

This tends to make many think of older people. It is the tight curls that you can practically wrap up at night and it looks the same in the morning. But you can make it edgy with color or with style. Adding bangs to a look like this makes it a bit more modern and a little bit more young. Often you will want to go with some sort of limiting washing because doing it every day is not practical.

3. Ringlets

There are all kinds of hair products now. That means you can pull up little pieces of your hair when it is short in combs and clips. You can put little ringlets all around your face while putting “up” the rest of your short hair. This look is not only simple but a bit different than the standard short hair styles. It is really a good way to mix it up if you have had short hair for a long time and you just want something new.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE