5 Simple Makeup Tips


1. Wearing Makeup for Work

The foundation you choose should have warm undertones such as yellow, gold or beige since this balances the reflection of the light from the workplace. This also applies to the blush you wear and apricot or soft pink is a good color for blush. Never wear dark and brownish-colored lipstick to work because it makes your lips too harsh. Instead you should wear peach-colored lipstick to work. Your eyeshadow should be of a soft color and do not go overboard while wearing it. Do not wear very thick mascara to work.

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 2.Makeup Tips for African American Women

If you have oily or acne-prone skin and you are a woman of color, you should wear mineral makeup for the face since this makeup has no oils and other chemicals that may worsen your acne. Mineral makeup also comes in various shades. You can experiment with eye makeup colors in ways that people of other ethnicities may not be able to do and some bold colors to consider include bronze, turquoise, violet, green, silver or deep red. For the lips, berry or other darker tones will look great on you and you can get away with reddish blush colors for the face.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE