Simple Ways for Growing Long Healthy Hair Today


It is not difficult to grow beautiful, long and healthy hair, neither do you need to buy a lot of salon products and expensive vitamins. You only need to use affordable items and follow certain instructions. In most cases, growing long healthy hair is all about what you should not do instead of what you should do.
Easily Growing Long Healthy Hair
The Type of Your Hair
The first thing you need to do is to determine your hair type, which may depend on the thickness of your hair, chemical processes you have used and/or the condition of your scalp. These are some of the popular hair types:
Thin hair – this is the type of hair with lower density per square inch. Though it may not be fine, it usually falls flat, and you may find it difficult styling it.

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Fine hair – in this, each of the individual hairs has a small diameter. The hair can also fall flat like the thin hair, and styling it may be more difficult, in addition to being more susceptible to damage from chemical processes and styling.
Thick hair – per square inch, this hair has a higher density, and tends to be drier no matter whether it is straight, curly or wavy
Color-treated hair – this is the hair type dyed using chemical processes. The outer protective layer of hair is stripped by dyes, making it susceptible to damage.
Dry hair – this is the hair type that results after being over-processed, whether it is through heat-styling, coloring, or overuse of alcohol-containing products. It tends to break easily because it is fragile.
Oily hair – this is hair having oily scalp, and feels greasy, may be difficult to clean, or has an unpleasant smell. An oily scalp also produces dandruff, which could be caused by hormones, heredity and vitamin deficiencies.
Determining your type of hair makes it easy to choose the right products needed to grow long healthy hair. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE