Skin Habits to Avoid


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Exfoliating your skin should not be painful. If your exfoliator hurts your skin or leaves redness you should throw it in the garbage. This kind of product should take off your dead skin cells, but you have to be careful. They may take away your natural moisturizing oils.
When they have a skin breakout women tend to overtouch and overtreat. If you have a pimple you should use salicylic acid cleanser. It is best if it has moisturizing ingredients. If you irritate the zit it may stay even longer.

Not getting enough sleep is one of the worst skin habits. It causes dark circles and eye bags, and makes you look tired. When you are sleeping your skin is renewing. Seven or eight hours are enough for your body to recover. Your sleeping conditions are very important, too. You should change your pillowcase at least once a week. It absorbs oils, skin cells and bacteria and as you sleep, it all goes straight into your pores.

It is very important to use SPF on your skin. You should apply it even in the winter, and not only to your face. Dermatologists say sunscreen should be used on your jawline, hairline and the ears as well. The sun causes wrinkles and freckles and it’s your job to protect your skin.
Here are a few more tips for perfect skin:
– Do not skip your yearly mole check;
– Always bring make-up wipes with you;
– Do not touch your face without washing your hands;
– Drink water.
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