10 Fashion rules for skinny girls, and how to turn skinny into stylish!


1. Conceal less! A very common mistake skinny women make when shopping for clothes is dressing 2 sizes larger hoping it will make them appear bigger and hide the ‘boniness’. It might hide your bones, but it won’t visually give you extra pounds. In fact, you will end up looking even tinier. It’s a much better idea to emphasize your dainty frame by wearing well fitting clothing, especially those made for you individually. You might have to find a decent tailor and spend a few extra bucks, but it’s going to be worth it!

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2. Ultra skinny clothing is another extreme you should avoid. Forget about skinny jeans and leggings, bodycon dresses, and everything in that category. Skinny clothing is only for those with a truly flawless figure, as it emphasizes both your beauty and your flaws.

3. Go for layers! It is actually in right now. You can wear a knit dress over a turtleneck, or a buttoned shirt over a tee. These tricks will help you look a little more filled out.
4. Forget about shirts and dresses that expose cleavage, especially v necks, as they will make your collarbone even bonier and your neck thinner, besides, you will also look taller, which is not what you want. Instead, go for crew necks or turtlenecks.
5. Use textured fabric to create an illusion of extra volume. Velvet and jerseys are your best friends. You can also consider wearing large pattern knit clothing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE