Smokey Eye Makeup Tips



Smokey eyes look so sexy and simple when you see them in the magazines. You can see how the darkness adds to the dramatic effect and it looks like you simply apply an abundance of makeup. The truth is there are many subtle parts of the smokey eye look that require a bit of work from you. You can’t just slap some black on your lids and call it good. It has to do with how you apply it and how you ensure that it will stay in place.

Use a Base
You want to start with a base. Makeup tends to work its way into the creases of your eyes and this is particularly true when it comes to dark colors. Using a base on your eye keeps the powder in place and will make the look last longer. You will find that you don’t end up with light patches halfway through the night because it locks the powder in place.





Start with the Liner
It might seem silly because you are using such dark colors above it, but start with the liner. You will go back and reaccentuate, but it gives you a basic line to follow when applying the powder. It also helps to make the whole look blend together better by the time you get to the end. You can decide exactly how far out you want to go with the liner and then follow that line with the shadow.

 Eye Makeup Tips
Eye Makeup Tips

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Add the Shadow
On the shadow you are clearly going to start with the dark. This will be the majority of the bottom of the look. But then you need to add light accent colors up by the brow. This color will blend down into the darker color to give the “popping” effect that makes this look so successful. It might take some practice to get the blending right.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE