Snacks for The Health Conscious



So you see weight loss and healthy living as a permanent way of life that goes beyond the standard diet fads that do little to help you lose weight but you also love snack foods. Although you cut back on the potato chips, candy bars and cookies in a bag, you sometimes feel tempted to eat these snacks again even though you know they are unhealthy. Do not despair because there are healthy snacks you can eat that will not add extra pounds to the body.  You can eat a few slices of cucumber with low fat cottage cheese and dried herbs since cucumbers are high in fiber. Another idea is to eat roasted red peppers with toasted almonds and walnuts.






1.      Healthy Snacks That Are Crunchy and Sweet

 Cinnamon flavored or chocolate rice cakes are low in calories and delicious at the same time so these would make for a good crunchy and sweet snack. Raw sugar and cinnamon-coated almonds or peanuts contain vitamins and antioxidants that are great for your cardiovascular and mental health. Another idea is to eat apple and banana chips.

2.      Low Fat Cheddar Cheese And Whole Grain Crackers

 If you like cheese and crackers, you can still eat them; you will need to modify them a bit. Instead of eating regular sharp cheddar cheese that has a lot of calories, you can eat low-fat cheddar cheese and instead of regular saltine crackers that are high in sodium, you can eat whole grain crackers.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE