Soft Romantic Curls


Making soft romantic curls is a good thing because it makes the woman to look good before her partner and look good for every event. You only need to follow certain simple steps, taking your type of hair into consideration and following the right steps. Not doing it right could make you look awkward before the right people, as looking good should not be for the partner alone.


The first way of making soft romantic curls is to curl the hair in 3 sections, which are temple to temple, ear to ear, and top of the head. With the top 2 sections pinned up, you should first start to curl the “ear to ear” section, then moving on to “temple to temple”, and then finishing with the top of the head to give curls which are more defined.






The Flat Iron

The flat iron is another tool which can be used in making soft romantic curls. The iron should have the right barrel size and should have the right length – not too short and not too long. The 1 1/2-inch flat iron is the best barrel size for making soft romantic curls. It should always be remembered that romantic curls are loose and soft, and you will have more loose curls with bigger barrels.

Soft Romantic Curls
Soft Romantic Curls

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Mousse the Hair

After washing, you need to mousse the hair to create soft romantic curls, as that makes the curls to hold better without being crunchy. After the hair has dried, you should brush through and curl to give your hair more hold and create soft hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE