Steps on How to Mix Hair Gel Colors



Hair gel colors are easy to use if you want to change the color of your hair. But there are times when you want to dye your hair to a particular shade, but you can’t find the right one on the market. For these instances, you need to know how to mix hair gel colors to create the perfect one you are looking for.

Hair gel colors allow you to temporarily change your hair color without the use of chemicals. Your hair stays healthy because there are no harsh ingredients used in the process. It also allows you to try out several colors to find out the one that suits your look.






Mix Hair Gel Colors

It is easy to learn how to mix hair gel colors. You just need to follow these easy steps but first you need to gather the materials. You will need powdered colors in small packs, water, one ounce plastic bottle, clear hair gel, and a mixing stick. You can also use food coloring and unsweetened gelatin as a coloring agent if you can’t find powdered colors.

When you already gathered the ingredients, the first step is to fill three-fourths of the one-ounce bottle with clear gels. Then add the colors to the clear gel and mix. Be sure to mix one color at a time into the gel with the use of a mixing stick until it has completely blended. Then add the other color into the mixture. Keep adding coloring into the gel until it becomes opaque or think. Then keep the hair gel colors in the refrigerator until it solidifies. Then you can use it as hair gel color.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE