Strapless Prom Dresses



If you want to look sophisticated for your prom, you should wear a classy strapless prom dress. Here are some tips on choosing and wearing the right strapless prom dress.

1. Take A Step Back in Time With 1950s Dresses

If you are a teen who loves vintage dresses, you can wear a 1950s style dress to the prom. Strapless prom dresses were very popular at the time and these dresses came with a small waistline and full skirts that extended heavily at the bottom. Many 1950s dresses went above the knee as this was still a conservative era throughout the Western world. During the 1950s women wore soft colors to the prom such as pastel pink, light yellow, powder blue and sometimes light green.

2. Tips on Wearing Strapless Dresses

In order to wear strapless prom dresses effectively, it is better to have a slim or at least a slightly curvaceous figure when wearing this dress. If necessary, lose a few pounds a few months before the prom so that you will look your best on that night. Avoid strapless prom dresses that are too tight or too loose and do not wear strapless dresses that show a lot of cleavage because you should look like a lady on your prom night.






You should also purchase a strapless bra to wear under the dress so that no bra straps will show when you wear the dress.

3. Where To Buy Cheap Strapless Prom Dresses

The thrift store is a good place to buy strapless prom dresses because most clothes in these stores are priced decently but you should inspect the dress for missing zippers, stains, missing buttons or numerous holes in it because you want a quality and good looking dress. Another way to get cheap strapless prom dresses is to visit online retailers and seek out discounts. You can try the flea markets and another idea is to visit local boutiques in the neighborhoods.

4. Mini Dresses for Proms

These days not every girl will wear a long strapless gown to her prom and these days more girls are wearing mini strapless prom dresses and these dresses can be accessorized with earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. When you look for a mini strapless dress, always try it on and make sure it fits your figure well. Also make sure that the dress is not too short above the knee.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE