Stupid Things to Do After a Break-Up




When it comes to break-ups we tend to do a few stupid things.

We never know if a relationship would last forever and unfortunately most of us have expiriences the pain of a break-up. These are the top 7 stipid thing to do after a break-up:

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1. Drastic Changes

This one is not recommended. When you are trying to escape from the past, you change your hair, style or even manners. It is a ntural outcome to the difficult emotional state that you’re in. But you should not do anything too drastic. You might regret it later. A great example for this is tattooing your ex’s name.


After a Break-Up

2. Annoying bragging about your new life

Showing off how happy are and how wonderful your life as a single is absolutely stupid. It just screams the exact opposite- that you can’t live without him/her! Do not ever do this!

3. Stalking on the Internet

You shouldn’t check your ex’s photos, controversial statuses- it is only going to hurt you! Do you really want to know that he/she has already moved on? You already know that time heals. Just try to let him/her go and move on!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE