Sweet Butterfly Dessert Recipe



This delicious chocolate and vanilla dessert is not only fun to make with your kids, but very impressive looking for your next party or social gathering. Rolling out the dough and mixing it together can be quite fun, and creating the pretty butterfly shape just adds another layer of interest to these sweet snacks.


Butterfly Dessert

100 g sugar
200 g margarine
300 g flour, sifted
One egg yolk
1 tsp grated lemon peel
1 tblps the vanilla extract
5 g cocoa powder.

Combine that together the margarine, after it has softened, the egg yolk and a sugar until it is smooth. Add the flour and salt and stir together to form the dough for this delicious butterfly desert.

Divide the dough into two bowls. In one bowl, add the grated lemon peel and vanilla extract. In the other, at all the cocoa powder. Mix both bowls until the flavor is throughout the dough and put each in the refrigerator for a 10 to 20 minutes before continuing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE