Techniques for Trimming Split Ends at Home


These methods are going to save you money, time, and gas or bus tickets from visiting the salon.
You can do this on your own or trust someone to do it for you to help speed up the process.

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Trimming Split Ends

First technique:
Twist one-inch sections and start cutting any visible hair or split ends that pop up. This method doesn’t affect the length. You don’t have to worry about your hair being cut too short. You will love how easy this twisting technique is! You do, however, need to make sure that your scissors are specifically made for haircutting or it won’t give you that nice, clean cut.

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Second technique:

This method is also an amazing one. Slip a small section through your fingers and slowly start sliding your hand down. You will immediately start to see all those little split ends pop up. You only need to cut a couple centimeters off at a time and it’s really easy and simple. Your hair is definitely going to feel a lot stronger and softer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE