Techniques for Trimming Split Ends at Home


Third technique:
Another foolproof method is to simply just cut them all off. If you are trying to grow your hair, this option would not be the best choice since you are left with short hair and possibly will end up with a haircut that you don’t like. So before you decide to go for such a drastic change, try the next method.
Fourth technique:
This is called the DIY Trim. Try to trim off half an inch to an inch of your own hair monthly. You will save a lot of money by doing it on your own and it’s great especially if your ends are looking super rough. It is also very easy to master. Doing this regularly will definitely keep your hair nice and long since you are the one in control of how much you cut off and it’s also a lot healthier-looking.

Here are a few extra tips:
When you are cutting your hair, make sure that it is dry and straightened. This will make all your split ends more visible and easier for them to pop up, especially when you are performing one of the split-ends removal methods.
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