Ten Tips for Perfect Eyeliner Style


When someone looks at your face, the eyes draw more attention than any other feature. It makes sense to learn how to use makeup to accentuate their natural beauty and expressiveness. Eyeshadow and mascara can help, but eyeliner is the number one product that can produce dramatic and beautiful results. Unfortunately, it is possible to apply eyeliner badly, which can also create dramatic reactions though not the ones you want.


Follow these 10 tips to create the perfect eyeliner style:

1 – Always sharpen your eyeliner pencil before you get to work. Many people think of rounded tip is better, but it point allows you to get the line precisely where you want. Use a clean sharpener specifically for eyeliner use every time.

2 – Make sure the tip of the eyeliner pencil is smooth and soft before application. If it has dried out or attracted dust, be sure to clean it first. If the eyeliner pencil is too old, throw it out and buy a new one.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE