Tender Foot Soles in Just 3 Minutes!


Do you want your feet to look neat at all times?
It’s easy! None of the marketed skincare products compare to this lotion you can make yourself. It will take you no longer than 3 minutes.
All you need is liquid vitamin A and calendula ointment.

I recommend you get calendula ointment that comes in a tube. It’s much easier to squeeze out the desired amount that way.

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Mix vitamin A and calendula ointment in a small container, with the amount of ointment doubling the amount of vitamin A. That’s pretty much it. Transfer the mix into an empty old lotion bottle and keep it refrigerated.

If your foot soles are in especially bad condition, rejuvenate them with some vitamins. Apply the mixture to your soles every day after showering, especially focusing on heels and toe cuticles. Wear cotton socks in bed.
After a weekly course, bring it down to twice a week. Eventually you’ll be able to figure out the right frequency for you.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE