The Best Beauty Techniques You Need for a Gorgeous Look


You need certain beauty techniques if you really want to always have gorgeous looks. Even if you love all different colors, making use of them properly is what gives you the right smoky eyes that turn heads. Not using those techniques make your lashes to refuse to curl or makeup to have an ugly look because the brushes were not used in the right way or wrong brushes were used. So, let us look at the best beauty techniques for gorgeous looks.


Looking good for any outing is impossible if the right beauty techniques are not used, and one of these is having high-quality brushes. The basic ones you need are:





  1. Concealer brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Precision angle brush
  4. Fluffy powder brush
  5. Small blending brush
  6. Blush brush
  7. Flat eyeshadow brush
  8. Lip brush

Triangle Concealer

You should have triangle concealer if you want the beauty techniques you are using to give good results because the concealer reflects light, thus making dark circles under the eyes. When using concealer directly under your eyes, it should be extended so low to give the right look. Start from the corner of your eyes and draw a triangle, meeting in the middle of the cheek and completely fill in. then blend well by dabbing with the finger or a sponge.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE