The Best Lipstick Shades


5. Less Contrast for More

If you are in doubt when choosing a color know that you should you less contrast. Even the very best nude shades can work if you use some clear gloss or some lip balm. If you want to use a light foundation underneath it will help as well. Keep your lips hydrated in order to keep them luscious. Use a good moisturizer if you do apply a liquid concealer over them because liquid foundation can tend to dry them out if they are not moisturized first.

You can easily go into any MAC store and have the makeup professionals test some colors on you so that you have a better idea of what type of shades work in coordination with your complexion. By recognizing your skin type and the hues that work with them you will find how much more appealing your makeup will look throughout the day and evening. You can also test some colors on the back of your hand for best results.

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