The Best Nail Art Today for DIY Nail Artists



Nail art has become popular in the past couple of years. Women of all ages are now sporting it instead of a solid nail color. However, not all women can afford to a salon to have their nails done. Well, here are the best nail art today that can be inspirations for DIY nail artists.

Psychedelic Swirls

This is one of the best nail art today. It uses bold shades of orange, blue, and yellow. This can be made at home with a toothpick. Dip it into the first color then start in the center of the nail and drag it to create a spiral. Then repeat it again with the next color. This nail art requires a lot of patience and will take some time to complete.

Best Nail Art
Best Nail Art

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The Best Nail Art Today

Hand-Painted Flowers

One of the simplest nail art designs is flowers. Artists take it a notch higher by painting flower designs. This nail art design requires advanced skills, and you should be able to apply polish with the non-dominant hand. You can copy any floral design and paint them to your nails.

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This is probably the simplest among the best nail art today. All you need to do is to buy specially designed stickers and apply them to your nails. There are various designs to choose from, and they are easy to apply. You just need to set it to the nail and file the excess.

Metallic Nail Polish

Shiny metallic nail colors look chic and stylish. They can be used at work and even during formal events. There are several nail polishes with metallic hues. You just need to apply a topcoat to make it last.

Double Reverse French Tip

Double reverse French tip is a take on the traditional French tip. Instead of a single stripe, two stripes are painted along the edge of the nail. You can recreate one of the best nail art today by painting a wide stripe on the edge and then paint a thin stripe on top on it. It requires a lot of skill because it is not easy to create two straight stripes that are identical.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE