The Best Ways of Making Summer Beach Wave Hair



Vacations are very common in summer, visiting the beach is one of the most common things people do. During this time, making the summer beach wave hair is then one thing that every woman things about. She wants to look good for the environment, taking care not to let hair hair too loose but is attractive enough.

Making the Summer Beach Wave Hair

Doing the simple curl is a way of making the summer beach wave hair, and this is done using a flat iron. After putting on the device, you should separate the hair into sections, thus making the hair easy to curl. This is done using a clip or pin for the top part of the hair, making it possible to reach the bottom.






You should curl the strand forward gently away from the face, with some inches left at the bottom. One hand can be used to hold the end of the hair. Then, you should start placing some inches of the hair in the flat iron, picking the strand next to the one just curled.

 Summer Beach Wave Hair
Summer Beach Wave Hair

Image Source: blueeyedfinch

Now, you should curl all the strands backward, one after the other., taking note that alternating between curling a strand forward and backward prevents the curls from clumping together, thus giving you a bouncy and light look. You should finish the summer beach wave hair process by applying hair spray to make the curls held in place for longer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE