The Deadly Cocktail of a Cigarette


In the age of telecommunications, internet, space technology and business, smoking has become one of the most serious health concerns for mankind. In a bid to curb this negative social phenomenon, the developed countries and recently, some of the developing ones, have introduced some restrictions on smoking such as higher excise duties on tobacco products, bans on smoking in public, including public transport and office premises. Another measure is the introduction of quit smoking programs and courses, such as online support for ex-smokers.

Among all negative influences of smoking on human health, nicotine addiction is perhaps the most harmful one.





It is exactly the nicotine addiction that keeps you puffing cigarette after cigarette, day after day. Also, the nicotine addiction has helped tobacco tycoons build their billion-dollar empires at the expense of others’ health. In a way, the tobacco industry could be regarded as a stylized and specialized segment of the pharmaceutical industry. And thus, each cigarette is sophisticated means for the delivery of nicotine in a widely acceptable and appealing form. Recent research has demonstrated that the effects of nicotine on the organism are highly controversial and oftentimes, contradicting.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE