The E-Cig: Society Divided


Electronic cigarettes have given rise to contradictory discussions and opinions in many countries. Dr. Joel Nitzkin, the acting Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force to AAPHP has recently announced that as a smokeless tobacco product, the e-cigarette should be permitted in places where smoking is prohibited. Dr. Michael, Sieger who is an anti-smoking activist and a professor at the Boston University of Public Health, also speaks in favor of the new product. In his view, anti-smoking activists base their campaign against the e-cigarette entirely on the laboratory findings released by the Food and Drug Administration. However, these indicate that electronic cigarettes are safer than the conventional tobacco products.

The reason is that the smokeless tobacco product contains very low levels of carcinogens in comparison to the high amount of carcinogens, found in regular cigarettes.




Dr Sieger specifically points that ‘the level of tobacco-specific nitrosamines is reduced by a factor of up to 1400.’ This fact accounts for the relative harmlessness of electronic cigarettes.

On the other hand, US Senator Lautenburg has recently requested that FDA takes the product off the market until the Agency proves that it is harmless for human health. In fact, the Senator has an army of supporters who claim that no clinical studies have been conducted to prove that e-cigs actually help smokers quit the harmful habit. Further, anti-smoking activists point out that research needs to assess the long-term effects of the product on human health.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE