The Hair, Nails and Makeup of Cosmetology Schools


2. Basic Information on Cosmetologists

 There are various types of cosmetologists. There are the hairdressers and they specialize in giving perms, washing and styling hair and giving weaves and braids to their clients. The barber is generally a male and he does mostly haircuts although there has been an increase in male hairdressers as well as female barbers. The estetician is the person who takes care of clients’ nails by giving manicures and pedicures and decorating nails. They may also give massages and give skin treatments.

3. Why Do People Become Cosmetologists?

 Financial stability is one reason why some people become cosmetologists while others become cosmetologists because they are skilled in doing hair, nails and makeup. Other people like cosmetology because of the flexible schedules that are offered while some choose cosmetology because they enjoy helping others look and feel better about themselves.  Before you decide to become a cosmetologist you need to ask yourself why you want to enter this field and if you have the dedication and skills for it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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