The Many Types of Braids




Finding incredible types of braids is now easy. Thanks to braid fanatics, blogs, and fashion websites that are always updated on the newest and hottest braid trends. Most of them offer video tutorials on how to achieve beautiful braids. Such step-by-step instructions will definitely help one to attain their most wanted braid look. From sweet and sensible, to complex and intricate details, here are some of the most well loved braid hairstyles:

Many Types of Braids
Many Types of Braids

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Types of Braids

1. Waterfall Braid – This is one of the prettiest yet one of the hardest braids to do. The braid is cascading, and the flowing effect is challenging. However, this braid is actually a spin of the French braid. Though it seems intimidating, learning the waterfall braid is simple especially for those who know how to do french braid. These types of braids are similar with only minimal difference.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE