The Most Beautiful Island In The World: Palawan Paradise


Hawaii, Bali, the Caribbean, New Caledonia, or French Polynesia. Chances are, you have heard of these exotic islands. If you’re lucky, you may have visited one of them. But if you’re looking for a new, out-of-the-box travel destination, include the tropical island of Palawan into your bucket list.

Never heard of it? You’re certainly not the only one. Palawan, or among Filipinos known as the Philippine’s Last Frontier, is captivating island province of the Philippines. Although not as well-known as the islands mentioned above, Palawan surprisingly, was crowned as the best island in the world by the readers of a popular travel magazine, Travel + Leisure. This was the second time the island coveted the no.1 spot, after the year 2013. The voters cast their vote based on several criteria; such as the natural sights and attractions, food, friendliness of the locals, and overall value.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE