The most common reasons for infidelity


3. Infidelity as a revenge
When you are from the side that has been cheated, you feel offended by your partner and hurt, that is why women often use infidelity as a revenge. Is this too childish and how would you feel after that?

4. To boost the ego
It is more often that men are those who conquer territory and seek for affairs to boost their ego. Perhaps this is some kind of complex?

5. After party
Unfortunately, alcohol does not really forgive the action, but it is often used as an excuse to justify infidelity, that became a fact after its use. Well, the excuse is not accepted!

6. Alienation
People say that every relationship has a critical moment. Partners are slowly getting alienated, they talk less and less. They do not listen to each other, do not show consideration and understanding to each other. They find solace in infidelity, because they often refuse to fight for their love.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE