The New Amazing Super Electronic Cigarette



We are glad to offer to your attention the Electronic Cigarette and its amazing effects on your everyday life and health. Many of us have felt the urge to smoke in places where this is prohibited: at work, on the plane or on the bus, in exquisite restaurants, and numerous other spots. All this can become a reality with the Super Cigarette. You are getting nicotine as you always do, enjoying a much healthier alternative to your habit. With the new device, you stop breathing in carcinogens and toxic substances that abound in normal cigarettes. It feels almost unbelievable but with today’s super fast technological progress, science had stepped in to introduce a healthier way of smoking. The e-cigarette of the future is already available: easily ordered online and shipped to an address of your choice.






Enhanced Version of Your Normal Cigarette

The Super Cigarette offers an incredible opportunity to smoke in a healthier and eco-friendly way. You can use the e-cig as a smoking cessation device that will aid your efforts to quit. In comparison to normal cigs, their healthy counterpart contains no harmful substances such as carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, and many others. The air that enters inside the device is detected by the e-cig microprocessor. The atomizer begins to produce miniature droplets of liquid that mix with the air. The so generated vapor mist is ready for consumption by the user. Because propylene glycol is added to the liquid, mist resembles actual smoke. The orange LED at the cigarette’s tip is activated by the processor, imitating traditional smoking. You don’t just get a close resemblance to a real smoke but its temperature too: it goes up to 60 °C….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE