The Newest Rage in Side Braid Hairstyles



We all love braiding our hair! From young girls, to teens to modern women, braids are classic for us and does not go out of fashion. We can use them as our distinctive style or just to accentuate our hair. Let’s take a look at some of today’s hottest side braid hairstyles that celebrities are fond of.

1. Unique Side Braid – gives you the bold, unique, and daring look. This particular style shows how side braid hairstyles trend is evolving. It looks beautiful on its own that even celebrities like Jennifer Hudson is fond of putting up this unique style on. Side braid adds up personality and a little spice to one’s hairdo.

 Side Braid Hairstyles
Side Braid Hairstyles

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Side braid hairstyles

2. Casual side braid – this one of the side braid hairstyles is perfect for casual to formal events. It is easy to achieve yet, looks sophisticated and stylish. Plus, it compliments almost every face shape and only takes about five minutes to finish.
3. Dressed-up side braid – among the side braid hairstyles, this is a very basic, yet very pretty side braid. One can leave her bangs to add more character to it. They can add some ribbons and other accessories and have fun with it.
4. Side French braid – the classic French braid is timeless, but the side French braid gives it a twist that is gaining popularity now. This look goes well with up-dos and ponytails. Celebrities are incorporating French braid to other side braid hairstyles to achieve more amazing looks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE