The Perfect Makeup for Acne


Primer is an important part of having your makeup stay on because it’s easy to come off throughout the day or after a long evening. There are some primers that work better than others and there are some that are of more quality. You need to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and be able to even out the discoloration that may come from scars and blemishes. Even with foundation it’s easy for those scars and those bumps to come out and affect the look of your skin. You can polish off your look by concealing these imperfections according to your own skin type.


 1. Treat it

You can treat your acne and cover it up by using a foundation primer that treats acne at the same time. This will heal your blemishes and prevent any breakouts from happening so that you have full coverage throughout the day. There is also an anti primer that will help to reduce the lines in your face and in your pores. While you are working it will treat and prevent blemishes; with this, you will apply the primer before your foundation. Make sure that your foundation is also lightweight and allows your skin to breathe as well.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE