The Right Diet Routine for Good Health


A good diet routine should is not easy to follow because of the natural cravings for things which do no real good to the body. Some even think that starving or giving up food is enough for living a healthy life. The truth is that losing weight or living a life free of diseases requires adequate planning and sticking to a routine created.


Calories should be part of what you consider when creating a diet routine and the plan should be determined by two main goals. First, if the goal is to increase strength (muscle building), gaining about 0.5 pounds every week is recommended for men, while women should have about half that. If you want to gain weight faster, calorie intake should be reduced by about 250 calories.






However, if the intention is to gain weight slower, your calorie intake should be increased by about 250 calories.

Diet Routine
Diet Routine

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Secondly, if fat loss is your goal, the diet routine should be to lose 0.5 to 2 pounds every week. If you want to lose a lot of fat, it should be closer to 2 pounds and closer to 0.5 pounds if a little fat loss is your goal. However, calorie intake should be reduced by an additional 250 calories if you are losing weight slower. In the case of a rapid weight loss, calorie intake should be increased by about 250 calories.

With the things above said, you should not be too much carried away by calorie count, but by thinking in terms of variety, color and freshness. More of packaged and processed foods should be avoided, replaced with fresh ingredients.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE