The Simple Ways of Having Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks



There are many ways and products which can be used in making gorgeous eye makeup looks. You bring out the beauty of your eyes even if they are dull and boring. It is possible to use makeup to make your eyes look the way you want. In fact, with the right steps, large eyes can be made to appear smaller by using the right shades of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.


Eyeshadows can be used to create gorgeous eye makeup looks. To do this, in a thin layer, start apply a primer or foundation on your eyelids, using a layer of face powder to top it. Thus, the eye shadow is easily applied more smoothly, and this also makes it to last longer. Then, you should choose angled and flat high-quality brushes.






If what you have is an evening party, you could use deep purple, pink or blue shades, and add a light dusting of silver or gold. However, if it is a day outing, good options are matte textures and earthy tones blending well with the skin tone.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup
Gorgeous Eye Makeup

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After using the eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner to give definition to the eyes. Apply the eyeliner in a thin line, making it very close to the lashes or choose a thicker and darker line for a dramatic look. For the standard look, natural colors are good, and these are various shades of black and brown, or even choose all the vivid colors, from greens, blues to mauves.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE