The Ultimate Fishtail Braid Tutorial:) (Only in 6 Simple Steps+ VIDEO)



One of the most beautiful braids is the fishtail braid. This textured braid is a popular choice whether the braid is neat and tidy or full of wispy pieces because of the beach inspired look and the new take on the traditional braid. Unfortunately, many people have challenges creating any braids because they have to be able to manage three pieces at one time, but the fishtail braid is the easiest braid of them all because it only uses two strands. Because it is so easy, people have been able to do so many fun things with the braid, but in order to go crazy with fun ideas, it is important to follow this fishtail braid tutorial and learn the fundamentals of great braid design:


Brush & Section






The first step is to brush your hair to make it smooth and free of tangles. You can also use a smoothing cream to take care of flyaways and wispy hairs. Even if your hair is not completely straight, it needs to be free of tangles and knots. Then, moving down the middle of the scalp, divide the hair evenly into two sections.

STEP 2 + 3

Ultimate Fishtail Braid Tutorial
Ultimate Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Image Source: beautylish

Weave From The Right

Starting from the right, hold about ¼ of an inch of hair and move it to the left using your pinky finger and ring finger. Once you bring it to the left, use your left hand to add it to the left side of your head.

STEP 4 + 5

Weave From The Left

Then, repeat the process on the left side. Begin to tighten the braid so that the hair does not fall out and so the braid stays tight and comfortable.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE