The Ultimate Nail Art Book



This nail art book will give us a how-to guide and tips to some of the most favorite nail art designs so we can do them at home or with friends. The nail art world has always something new to share with everyone. From complicated designs, gems, appliqués, and studs to unique shades of nail polish. The only problem is; where do we search for inspiration?

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Nail art book to the rescue. Learn how to design your nails the professional way without breaking your piggy bank every time you need to.

What Does Nail Art Book Offers

Instead of seeking endlessly for manicures to try, why not buy yourself an entire nail art book?

• It contains a variety of looks that may fit your level of expertise, taste, and sense of style. Some of today’s well known nail artists are now published authors of these self help books.
• Learn new tricks and ideas and improve the classic one.
• With its instructions that are fully photographic, it’s easier to follow their step-by-step procedures….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE