These are the Simple Ways of Growing Long Hair


Today, there are more women interested in growing long hair because of how attractive the wearer looks. Another benefit is that it is possible to apply various hairstyles to it, unlike when you have short hair. In addition, men are generally attracted to women with long hair because that looks more feminine and attractive. If you want to grow long hair, there are simple ways you can do that.


One way of growing long hair is trimming every 6 to 8 weeks. Though the hair grows from the roots and trimming could be thought not to make the hair grow, not caring for the split ends causes breakage and an unhealthy hair.

Good Nutrition


Eating the right food is another step towards growing long hair because protein make up the hair, and foods eaten should have a lot of protein. If you fail to eat enough protein-rich foods, your tresses would not continue to grow stronger, healthier and longer. It is good to eat meat, fish, eggs, beans, milk, and yogurt. It is good to have daily intake of wheat germ, cattle liver and brewer’s yeast, in addition to regularly taking 2 tablespoons of granulated lecithin.


Using moisturizer also helps in growing long hair because by nature, black hair is often dry. Therefore, the moisturizer gives the needed moisture. Some examples are shampoos and conditioners formulated for damaged and/or dry hair. They do not necessarily need to be the ones made specifically for ethnic groups.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE