These are the Trendy Eye Makeup Ideas You Need Today


It is not easy to choose the right eyeshadows, especially if you are faced with tons of different choices out there. Are you always confused, not knowing the right trendy eye makeup? These are some ideas for you to consider.

Cool Shades

If you want to have cool shades, you should use lilac because it easily brings out the green in the irises. Other options are mauve, plum, pale pink, violet and purple shades.

Warm Shades






Another trendy eye makeup option is warm shades, and the color options are brown shades with red undertones, such as taupe, apricot and chestnut.

Evening Look

For an evening look, you should consider darker shades, while metallic, golden or copper shades are good for a bolder look to make the eyes sparkle.

Image Source: avecosmetics

Pumpkin Orange

This trendy eye makeup brings out the beauty of your fall colors, looking great by itself or with a little splash of green. It is ideal for any eye color or shape.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE