These are the Worst Makeup Mistakes Women Make


When young, most women start with all kinds of makeup mistakes. With years, they start gaining experience as to the right makeup that needs to be used for various situations. However, studies have shown that those who are still the most experienced still make a lot of mistakes, making them to look awkward sometimes. So, what are those mistakes women are making during makeup?

Wrong Selection of Complexion Shades


Not selecting the right shades for complexion is a common mistake, and makes you to look bad in wearing the makeup. Whether it is the concealer used in covering the blemishes and little wrinkles, your makeup base, the foundation, selecting the right shades is a must. These products are necessary in makeup. Therefore, your foundation should be as close as possible to your natural facial nuance, while the concealer must be darker if it is used to cover the tired eye zone.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE