Tips for Overnight Beauty Techniques to Wake up Looking Very Attractive


Soft Cuticles
To have soft cuticles, some coconut oil should be rubbed before sleeping. Thus, you are able to have strengthened nails and cuticles moisturized.

Moisturized Lips
Having moisturized lips is another way of taking care of yourself at night before going to bed. The lips become kissable by applying a thin layer of almond oil. It gives you smooth, soft lips in the morning.

Grow Eyelashes
Many types of eyelash growth serums are available for you, one of which is castor oil. You should apply it to your eyelashes at night, using a clean Q-tip in dabbing some oil along the lash line at the top. This helps in having thicker and longer eyelashes within about 2 months.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE