Tips on Making the Most Of Your Airbrush Make Up



Airbrush makeup is fantastic so it’s no wonder most women choose it for special events like weddings and professional photo shoots to look their utmost best. It could be because it lasts all day long or is waterproof and resistant to heat and dust. It could also be because it allows to multi color play or simply that it leaves your skin flawless and looks great in photos and on camera. I love it because it is easy to use and takes a short time to apply, 15 to 20 seconds tops and do not make my face appear patchy even at a close distance. What’s more, it doesn’t reflect light.

Airbrush Make Up
Airbrush Make Up

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Airbrush Make Up

If you are not yet a fun or if you already are, here are a few tips I want to share with you to totally change your airbrus make up experience to a very fun and simple affair.

If you are new to this fantastic airbrush make up experience, welcome and here’s how t to get acquainted to your airbrush makeup spray kit. Test it by spraying on a piece of tissue or at the back of your hand to know the best way to use it and how it operates. On the other hand, if you already know your equipment, this tip is still useful to help you test if it works properly, to check if the air pressure is set correctly and that you have chosen the right color shades.Always apply a concealer before using your favorite airbrush makeup.

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This is because using it afterwards will ruin the appearance of the airbrushed areas. Always hold the airbrush gun 6-8 inches away from your face. This will ensure that your face doesn’t look overdone and that the end result is an even application for that fantastic look. In cases where you feel you need to more concentrated coverage, place the gun at 3-4 inches but reduce the pressure to a lower set.Always hold the airbrush gun steadily to avoid makeup spills.For a great finish, gradually build up coverage in light layers.Another tip is that apart from limiting yourself to using your airbrush kits and foundation on your face, use it on your legs too to conceal discolorations and veins.