Tips for Perfect Eyebrows


In grooming one’s overall look, eyebrow shapes play a very vital role. When combined with the perfect shades, an eyebrow’s shape can provide an attractive and lively look. It is desirable that the eyebrows look nice, yet retain their original structure. No one initially has a perfect eyebrow shape, but it can be acquired through waxing or threading – processes of removing unwanted hair. This adds to the beauty of the eye, and thus enhances our overall beauty. Women are so fond of perfectly shaped eyebrows because:

• Eyebrows provide youthfulness to the face.
• They can change the entire look of a person’s face.
• A perfect eyebrow offers a clean and polished look.
• They add to the beauty of our face, and so are regarded as a very important feature.

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Perfect Eyebrows

Most women spend a large amount of time shaping and beautifying their eyes. Having well-groomed eyebrows provides you with the opportunity to draw positive attention, as well as helping to make your eyes look larger and more attractive. Plucking with tweezers should be used between appointments for threading or waxing, but be careful! Even a small mistake could completely change the look of your eyebrows. Here are a few tips to help you achieve and maintain eyebrow perfection:

• Use an eyebrow comb to properly brush the eyebrows and put the hairs into place. Afterwards, use an eyebrow pencil along the outer edges to enhance the shape, and powder to finish the look.
• Use tweezers to pluck only hair that is out of place and requires touchups, such as below the brows or between them. Let a professional handle everything else, including hair above your eyebrows. Removing even one incorrect hair could mess up the entire look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE