Too Faced Makeup


Too Faced makeup is fun and fanciful like that made by Benefit or Urban Decay. It is meant to be a quality makeup at a somewhat affordable price. You won’t find it to be as costly as some of the other high end brands and the packaging is aimed at a younger audience. It is meant to offer an option when it comes to quality makeup that has a bit more flare than the standard makeup you might buy from a place like Clinique. The color palettes allow for a dramatic look or you can go with the more neutral colors to give you a more natural appearance.





The Palettes
Too Faced works to provide quality palettes that are versatile. The colors work well together and they also cross over to work with other Too Faced products. The goal is to make the product small enough to fit in just about any purse for the necessary touch ups throughout the day. You will find a variety of palettes that have different color combinations so you can even change your makeup throughout the day without having to have a large compact.

The Mascara
One of the best products of Too Faced makeup is the mascara. They have a unique brush that allows for you to really get the full length out of your lashes. You will find that the uneven brush really extends the length of the lash and makes the mascara apply evenly. You won’t experience the clumping that you do with other mascaras.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE