Top 10 Beauty Apps of The Celebrities


If you love makeup, designer fragrances, and hair products, you need beauty apps on your smartphone. These apps will help you kill time and learn about your favorite products. Many provide tips and great ideas that will inspire you to use your favorite products in new ways. These are ten of the best:

1. Sephora

This top store has one of the best free beauty apps! You will get updates about specials, product reviews, and the newest products. You can also explore their video tips with tutorials on the latest beauty trends.

2. Make up for Ever Pocket Studio

MUFE’s app is also free and it, too, provides video tutorials along with reviews and store locators. You can also learn how to fix makeup mistakes that most women make.


 3. Makeup Alley

This free app provides fans of beauty products with opinions from real people who really use the products. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to be in on the real scoop about makeup products.

4. Daily Glow

This free interactive app allows you to take a picture of yourself and try on new products in a virtual store. It also provides information on making your own beauty products using items that most people have in their homes.

5. Modiface

This free app offers the opportunity to try on products, too. When you take a picture for the app, you can test lipstick, mascara, eye liner and more.