Top 10 Easy Eyeliner Tricks


Experimenting with eyeliner techniques is quite addicting. There are so many techniques and so many tutorials online, so everyone can learn how to do them all. These are the ten easiest eyeliner tricks and they will add sex appeal and variety to your beauty routines.

1. Cat Eye

This is the sexiest of all sexy eyeliner tricks. It opens the eyes and adds interest. You can make the flick long or short. You could also add color or use a lighter hand with the cat eye. The possibilities with this single technique are as endless as your imagination.

2. Color Play

If you are only using brown or black, you are limiting your looks. Colored eyeliner is so trendy and it can really enhance natural eye color. Don’t be afraid to use blue, green, or pink.

3. Drop Eye

This technique involves drawing only half of the liner on the bottom lid. It adds depth to the eyes and makes them appear larger than they actually are.

4. Thick Lines

Thickly drawn eyeliner is also very trendy. You can draw thick lines in colors or you can make your cat eye look thick and rich. Pair thick lines with luxurious and full eyelashes.

5. Walk Like an Egyptian

Release your inner Cleopatra and go Egyptian. Lady Gaga is the current poster child for this style of eyeliner. You have to be a confident woman to be able to pull this look off, but if you try it, you will love it!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE