Top 25 belly foods that can help you achieve a flat belly


Are you sure your ab workout and Cardio are doing their job satisfactorily? Well I feel to differ, because the fact is that if we don’t eat the right kind of food along with these workouts we cannot achieve our desired goal. So lets not waste time and talk about 25 belly foods that can help you get that beautiful flat belly we all crave for.

1. Extra virgin olive oil

Popularly known as EVOO , this fat has yet another name, slimming oil. The oil has a lot of benefits along with burning calories. They are made up of monosaturated fats which are healthy and keep your cholesterol levels also in check.

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2. Almonds (with skins)

Yes despite common misconceptions, almonds when had with skin has the power to bust your belly. They form an easy snack that helps to reduce the cravings for unhealthy food and build your muscles at the same time. Although salted almonds are not the right kind, for a healthy belly and skin, eat raw almonds only.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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