Top 5 Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair



Curly Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" requires more attention in terms of taming and managing the locks. Some women are not confident with their curly hair and they do not mind spending some money to straighten their hair. This is not supposed to happen because the curly hair is always adorable and it is actually easy to maintain by only shampooing or washing in regular basis. There are various curly hairstyles for short hair whom all curly women would love. They include:

Bob Cut
This kind of hair cut is for those whose curls areloose. As bob haircut is common for straight hair, those who have curly hairscan bring higher volume on hair with better shape with extra layers. Those layerscan add stylish look.

Pixie Cut
Even if Rihanna has curlyhair, she would look adorable with pixie cut. This is the best cut for thosewho need to save much time in organizing their hair without losing theirstylish look. The curls look much better with some layers, just like what bobcut offers.






Blunt Bob
This is the perfect cut for those who have thick, big wave curls in which they can organize their curly hairs better.

Full Hair Layers Cut
This cut is the best for those who have oval faces in which they should make sure that the hair looks full in volume. Ask the hairdesignerin adding layers at both sides of the hair, as well as at the back and top. Justlike common shaggy cut, the hair owners can just simply let their hair in messylook for sexier and trendier look.

Marilyn Monroe’s Big Curls
This kind of hairstyle is endless, regardless of the legend who introduced this haircut. Those who want to have sensual, gracious look can imitate this kind of curls. If your hair has big curls, you are recommended to manage your hair with gel or hair mousse. You might need to have a hairdo before going to formal events.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE