Hair Tutorials – Top 5 Most Elegant


Every woman knows that having a perfect hairstyle is very important. That is why they spend hours in front of a mirror, trying to attain perfection or give a lot of money to the hairdresser. It matters in her everyday life, but is particularly important when it comes to some big day, for example, wedding or celebrations of any kind. Here, you can find some of the most elegant hairstyles, and the hair tutorials to make them:

1. Messy Hair Bun – You start by parting your hair on one side, left or right. Divide it into two ponytails in the back, one from the hair from the top of the head, other from the bottom.





Select a section of hair from the top ponytail and twist it. Grab only a few strings of your hair with one hand and the other, push the remaining hair to the base of the ponytail and place the bobby pins. Repeat this step until you have no more hair left behind thus creating an elegant but messy hair bun.


2. Half and half – First, you have to create curls with your curling iron, but only in the bottom of your hair. Next, you have to separate the curls, preferably with your hands. To add volume, start applying hairspray to the roots and then tease the hair. After that, you have to smoothen the hair, gather the front part of the hair in the back, and secure it with bobby pins.
3. Romantic curls with accessories – Simple, plain loosen curls do not have to be boring anymore. Now you can style them with all sorts of adornments. First, you curl your hair; you can do that with a curling iron or even with hair straightener. When you achieve the desired effect, you can simply add headband, flower, or colorful hairpin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE