Top 7 Traveling Destinations


Second of this Traveling Destinations is  Galapagos

The number two spot and activity on our list is snorkeling in the Galapagos. Water is the main attraction while visiting these islands, and this is a haven that is west of Ecuador. This I said to be the ultimate travel destination due to the beauty of the water, the sun and all the activities that are available to tourists. Tourists can go snorkeling; see penguins, hangout with the sea lions, go surfing, biking, fishing and horseback riding.

Third of this Traveling Destinations is  New York

We’re going to change up the scenery a bit and switch over to New York. There’s no place that is as luxurious as the Finger Lakes Region where there are green and luscious rolling hills. Not only will travelers see many lakes but over a thousand waterfalls. This is highly recommended on our list due to the warm weather, the relaxing feel and the hiking, sailing, swimming and golf that is available to tourists.

Four of this Traveling Destinations is  Aurora Borealis

The most beautiful scenery are the sky lights that are located in the gorgeous Aurora Borealis. These are often referred to as the Northern Lights as well, and they are absolutely timeless. This is located within the Arctic Circle, and this has the most intriguing sunset due to the particles in space sucking up some parts of the magnetic field. This is the most breathtaking experience during the spring time and throughout the autumn equinoxes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE