Top Hair Colour Changer Apps


• A hair colour changer app that works on dark and light hair
• Different colon modes- bleach and highlights
• Wide range of colour selection
• Multi-touch gestures

3. Beautify Free – This is a free application from GodImage that allows you to change your hair colour, erase pimples, or change your eye colour. You never have to worry about looking bad in pictures again because of pimples, moles, or scars because you can edit your photos through this application. This hair colour changer application also allows you to virtually dye your hair. With this app, you can use the colour you’ve always wanted without worrying about the consequences.

• Realistic hair colour changer
• User friendly interface
• Huge range of colour selection for hair and eyes
• Erase and Undo feature
• Light enhancement feature which can produce better result if you have dark hair
• Brush size and smooth controls
• Zooming controls to ensure accuracy
• Full HD camera that allows you to take photos
• Import and export HD pictures
• Social media sharing feature

These are just a few of the best hair colour changer applications available today. Whether you want to try a new hair colour or considering getting a whole new look, virtually changing your hairstyle using a Smartphone app can help you make a decision.