Total Body Detox for Making Use of 4 Easy Natural Homemade Remedies



Detox With Liquids For Awhile

One of the best ways to detox your body is by drinking only liquids for a period of days. One idea is to drink low-sodium chicken broth or a very watery oatmeal without sugar or milk for breakfast because when you drink these, you are cleansing the body while still enjoying your mealtime. Natural fruit juices and water are other excellent choices for a liquid diet. Herbal teas without sugar can be consumed for a liquid diet.


Flaxseed is good for detoxing the body because it has plenty of fiber, and fiber is essential in eliminating toxins from the body.






Flaxseed is best consumed with a few tall glasses of water but you can also put a few teaspoons of the flaxseed in your fruit juices and smoothies. You can even put a little flaxseed in your milk. You will find flaxseed at natural health stores, online retailers and some mail order catalogs.

Exercise for Body Cleansing

Another way to detox your body is by exercising because as you exercise, you reduce the fat in your body and you get rid of the toxins within the fat cells that cause health issues in the long run. If you tend to get bored with doing the same exercises each week, switch up and do a different exercise each week. Good exercises to do include brisk walking, dancing, swimming, jogging, jumproping and stair climbing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE