Traveling Super Cheaply Made Easy


  • Stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels are much cheaper than hotels because they are often used by students. So, you should take advantage of them. In most cases, they cost 60% less, and they have all services the regular 5-start hotel provides.
  • Being flexible with dates and locations is another way of traveling super cheaply. Even if you have already planned going to Miami Beach to have fun this summer, you could consider other locations which offer lower prices.
  • Going off-season helps in traveling super cheaply. In most cases, products and services are expensive during their peak seasons. For instance, traveling during Christmas makes you pay more in flight expenses than traveling in January or February.
  • Buying flight tickets late also helps you to get good deals. Most airlines even reduce fares further by more than 20% if spots are still available after promotions.
  • Joining the email lists of airlines and hotels is a good way of traveling super cheaply, as promotional codes are offered to potential customers who have expressed to receive weekly newsletters related to last-minute deals.
  • Shopping around is another way to pay less when traveling. You could visit popular travel websites and search engines to compare prices and offers available for your destination.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE